Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Color in Fashion: Bird

This yellow dress resembles a golden finch. The skinny black belt is similar to the black on the wings and eyes of the bird. Also, the way the dress bubbles below the waist reminds me of the underneath of the bird.

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Color in Fashion: Cornbread

This yellow dress reminds me of cornbread. It has a "down home" or country feel to it and cornbread is a very country food. Also, the dress is a deeper shade of yellow which resembles the color of cornbread.

Color in Fashion: Corn

This green and yellow Nike resembles a corn field. The way the two colors fade into one another reminds me of how corn looks while its still in the husk. Also, the way the leaves are both yellow and green is very similar to the shoes.

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Color in Fashion: Blowing Tree

This green dress resembles a palm tree. The length of this dress makes it a great summer dress and what is more "summer" than the beach? Also the way the dress is blowing is very similar to how the tree is blowing in the wind.

Color in Fashion: Daffodils

The pale yellow color of this dress resembles that of a daffodil. The uneven edges at the bottom of the dress is similar to the flower's center while the drape of the dress reminds me of the petals.

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Color in Fashion: Sunflower

This yellow jumper resembles a sunflower. Not only are the colors similar but the way the belt cinches the jumper at the waist reminds me of the way the petals of the sunflower radiate from a central point.

Color in Fashion: Green Snake

The lustrous green dress that Beyonce is wearing resembles a green snake. The way the dress hugs her curves reminds me of the bends in the snakes body.

Color in Fashion: Mini Cooper

This yellow dress with the black belt reminds me of a mini cooper. The high luster of the dress resembles the sheen of the car and the black patent belt is like the black roof on the car.

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Color in Fashion: Ivy

The green of this dress reminds me of ivy because of the way it flows down her back. This dress has an antique look to it which makes me think of the old building on which the ivy covers.

Color in Fashion: Bumblebee

The yellow of this dress resembles a bumblebee. The small black belt around the waist corresponds with the stripes on a bee. The dress brings beauty to the model just as the bee does to the flower.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Lottie and I am a fashion design major. I will be using this blog to post projects for my APD 242 class. Enjoy!